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Born in Jamaica
College student
Current major: BS Sociology

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So I started a new blog as a way of turning a new leaf. It represents my journey from one place to another, from Jamaica to the United States, from teenage to adulthood.

Sociology of Singing is about life and our desires to showcase ourselves to the world. This can happen by connecting with people and letting them know that they are heard and that they are not alone. I've always seen the phrase, "psychology of singing" but it is obvious that how we have been socialized will affect the way we sing, how we have been brought up both socially and culturally will affect the way we live our lives and our philosophy of the world. This is a continuing process in our lives, as we are, we are still becoming.

Fav Quotes

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
It is our light, not our darkness, that most frighten us.
We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous?
Actually, who are you not to be?"
-Maryanne Williamson

"Anything that has a psychology behind it has a sociology engulfing it."-Lori-Ann(IronBars)

Well, reggae music is a music created by Rasta people, and it carry earth force, people is a rhythm of working people, movement, a music of the masses, see? --Bob Marley


These Doors!


I donít need to open up these doors

You know you already know

what is causing all these sores

The doors are just an excuse

That you use

To not get under, it makes me wonder

If you really care, and are you aware?

The feeling that is enclosed

In the envelope that I mailed to you

Supposed to be one of a few

I thought that I knew you

You couldnít even open it

Then you bring up these doors

You already kno' what is causing these sores

Chorus 2x

Feel me!

All I want for you is

to feel me.

As much has Iíve felt you

Now itís your turn to not watch me burn

Why you turned away, when I needed you the most

Pretend that you care

as if youíre really aware

Then you bring up these doors

as if theyíre really there

Chorus 1X

All rights reserved. Lori-Ann(IronBars)

The way you look at me

Boy I like the way you look at me
Don't you see that Ö
When you call me on the phone
I can't get you out of my zone
See I don't want to be alone
But I am when you are not around
Everyone else fades away into the background
Verse 1
Every time I see your face
I think of how much I miss you
Every time you come around
I let you know how much it's hurting me
I hold closely, the moments we spent together
To ease all the pain creeping up on me
Like a bandit in the night
Verse 2
See when you are gone
My days seem to drag on
and it's just way too long
Before I see your face again
My heart has a hole in it
That's filling up with the rain
And the sun comes out my tears
Dry up and the cycle starts again
Chorus x2

She Bawled

She bawled
She crawled
Not another, not another
So she fell on her knees
Begging please
Held her hand out to the above
The way of life had lied
Fell to the ground
Atmosphere of no sound
Sobbing, throbbing
Heartfelt, sorrowful tears
Down heart tears werenít drops dripping from her cheeks
They were floods and she was drowning in them
Her wails echoed the whole-of-the-world
They looked in her direction
----Then after----
They paid no attention
A love taken away
As she viewed the body of her diminished boyfriend
Once so vivacious
Yet now lifeless young man
----No words to say----
Only from this heart, that never moves lips
Words cloaked up inside
Only for looking onlookersÖ
Who still never grasp truly the
----Words her heart say----
For she bawled, she crawled
She use to tell him
If you have a weapon, latter is your weakness
Couldnít find enough tears to cry
So she rode a wave in the ocean
To let out these bleak and black emotions
To express her devotion
To the man she loves
She found enough tears
Enough to relinquish all fears
---Jahri again.


Yea yea yea
Oh yea lets take a trip to Jamaica

Let us take a trip to Kingston
I think itís sad thereís so much war around the globe
Look outside ourselves and see what is going on
Open up our eyes and see the livity
There is so many suffering today in this age
People suffer in so many ways
While we find ourselves fussing over minor things
People are afraid to sleep at night
Why we fussing and starting a fight
People can barely find any food to eat

Can barely find any clothes to wear
See how itís not so nice on the other side
Why donít we realize
Minimize what we are blowing out of proportion
To reach out to the needs of those around us
No matter what we say and no matter what we do
There will always be people living much worse than we
Why donít reach outside ourselves and know what is going on
Cause like I said before paradise isnít nice on the other side

Freestyled by Lori-Ann

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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Well in all my years at this institution I have hardly ever had a class with racism by the people that are in the common and dominant culture. I know their are very little classes on black history and culture, which pretty much means black lives. But when these students do begin to talk about blacks they come off as racist or their comments are racist. Last semester there was a student that was talking about the salaries or women in comparison to men and a student asked him about black women. He replied that that had nothing to do with what his paper is about so he didn't include that information. How in the world does that not have nothing to do with what your paper is about? How? Blacks lives do not matter in predominantly white institutions. The salaries of black women in comparison to white woman or white men do not matter so therefore black lives do not matter in these institutions. There was another girl whose paper was on representation of women in novels. Here when they talk about woman they are only talking about white women and they subconsciously believe that if they are talking about women it only means white women when white woman are not the only women in this country. She then proceeded to state that all the crew members in Brandon Sanderson's Misborn novel were men. NEWSFLASH! EVERYONE IN THAT NOVEL IS WHITE! If you are going to say all the crew members were men then you might as well say all the crew members and everyone in that novel was white. THERE WERE NO REPRESENTSTION OF BLACKS OR ANYBODY THAT WASNT WHITE IN THAT NOVEL. SO EVEN WHITE WOMEN ARE DOING THE SAME THING THEY CLAIM THAT THEIR (WHITE) MALE COUNTERPARTS ARE DOING. SO THAT IS THE HYPOCRISY OF MOST WHITE FOLKS. I was just talking to my brother yesterday about the fact that when students at "the y" do talk about race they come off as racists because they are ignorant and clueless about the reality of race relations in this country. He was talking about one of his classes where a white male was talking about all the oppression and racism that minorities have faced throughout the years and throughout the course of history that affect their lives and continue to this day and all the other white students in the class ganged up against him and said no there is equality now. Just more proof that most whites are racist. In this case how are they suppose to know that when they are all white. They are not walking in the shoes of a minority. Whites don't experience racism. They are clearly not empathising with a minority so how are they going to assume that there is equality now. Whites have been acting like there is nothing wrong with the status quo in all its inhumanity for centuries. When they had blacks in slavery they said blacks were sub humans and that they wanted to be in slavery. Whites have been wrong for centuries. Since they were wrong before why would they not be wrong now? Since they were wrong before why do most of them think they are right now? You always have 1 or 2 whites that know the truth, meanwhile the majority are just as wrong and they were before. Most whites cannot be right on their own, unless they are empathising with a minority or whatever they label us to be, they will be WRONG. Unless they have minority friends and I am 100% positive that whites that are saying that everything is equal now have NO MINORITY FRIENDS therefore they are incapable of empathising and actually being right about that they are saying.

Posted at 02:22 pm by diarydestiny
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Thursday, August 11, 2016
Black lives matter

There is so much institutional racism here I can't wait to graduate how much longer can my grades get screwed over by white instructors who clearly don't dare about black lives, Jamaican lives, African American lives, just about anybody life who isn't white European descent. I'm sick of it all. Just the fact that they don't care about any lives other than white lives means that they are incapable of educating me. you see it in the education, in the classes everything is white and European. Where is my people? Where is my history? I truely believe that NO ONE BLACK SHOULD ATTEND THIS SCHOOL. Not only do our history and experiences do not matter to this institution, WE ARE NOT TREATED RIGHT FOR THE MOST PART. White trash red neck professors. You name it they are all here. If someone showed me a movie of this place before I came here I would've never come here. But now that I'm here I have to finish what I started. Whites are suppose to protect minorities from other whites who are racist but if there aren't any protection does that mean that all whites are racist? What kind of institution allow minorities to get screwed over by white professors. And almost always, they are the only ones in the class being treated like that. Granted that the only professor I have ever had here are white. Mostly white males to be specific. Below: a comment I made on some YouTube video where a whiteboy was calling an African American male racist: "Only whites can be racist because only whites have historically been in positions of power and dominance in US society and when they resist to change that status quo they just continue the racism of their forefathers. For whites that don't feel like they have power then other whites have the power in society and you all just share it with each other. Rednecks and crackers know that they want power that other white people have. But they don't have it as much as other whites I guess that's where the terms rednecks and crackers come from. They are angry whites that feel powerless. And even if they do get that power there still will be other whites that have the power and it just goes on and on and on. Racism is about power and dominance and then abusing it towards people who are darker skinned and don't have that much power and dominance as a racial group in society. Any definition of racism that ignores that status quo is racist in and of itself and is an ignorant contributor to racism.ÔĽŅ" You'd be lucky if your a white male and not a coward. Because even after all this history of white racism and oppression you'd have to be a coward to call a black person racist when historically and to this day, racism has always been a shortcoming of whites.

Posted at 06:17 pm by diarydestiny
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Monday, June 27, 2016

All white people with no multicultural or diversity experience or immersion should go and kill themselves. The world doesn't need you. That's not the world we live in and the world will never be only one perspective and one ideology, neither should the world bow to your one perspective and ideology that you constantly try to impose on others. That's ungodly and unnatural for all things to be the same.

Posted at 09:51 pm by diarydestiny
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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I can't go a day without racism in all its forms even in micro aggression. I went to the store today and this dumb looking white dude at the cash register asked me for my ID in order to buy a small container of ice cream. I have been going to this store daily and no one has ever asked me for my ID when I'm shopping with my card. When he said good night I just wanted him to go and kill himself. I really think he asked me for my ID because I'm black or whatever these racist people think I am.. People in Utah are so racist I have never been asked my ID in that store before. I always go there. It's as if I was buying tobacco or something. Not that they'd sell stuff like that around here but they might as well have since you have to show your ID to buy icecream. I hate when you walk into anywhere and all these white people just stare at you. Even when you're being done wrong. They don't care but they do stare. Why can't they just leave me alone? Leave us alone! I hate them all.

Posted at 12:27 am by diarydestiny
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Friday, May 13, 2016
Before accepting nonwhites into predominantly white universities

Racist professors like to have minorities under surveillance only to fail them. I mean what's the point of having your darker skinned students under surveillance if you were going to fail them and not help them. Although for the writing for young adult class it was white, white, white. As WITH MOST of my classes at the Y, PARTICULARLY THE ENGLISH/LITERATURE ONES, I AM THE ONLY NONWHITE/BLACK,/PERSON FROM ANOTHER COUNTRY, etc. EVERY OTHER PERSON IS WHITE. These students should've been required to read atleast 1 multicultural novel TO DEVELOP EMPATHY with people that are not white nor have been brought up in a WHITE CULTURE because the way they read my work is affected by their experience or lack there of OF multiculturalism. Instead what I got was an imposition and oppression of white culture on me and my creative writing endeavors, WITH LITTLE TO NO CONSIDERATION OF MY FEELINGS OR EXPERIENCES WHICH ISNT A WHITE ONE. THIS in the end only made me realize my "minority" position. Overall the class was unhelpful and laden with racial and cultural insensitivity and color blind racism. IT WAS LIKE TAKING A CREATIVE WRITING CLASS FROM THE KKK. I don't think these people understand, I didn't leave Jamaica and come all the way to this place to be experiencing racism. Are these white Mormons worth the journey FROM JAMAICA TO HERE? Cause this was a very long journey. A very long one indeed. A LONG WAY FROM HOME. WORTHLESS PROFESSORS and STUDENTS ALIKE IF THEY partake and ALLOW THESE PREJUDICES against those who are "different" TO GO BY LIKE ITS NORMAL. I mean a lot of these predominantly white universities, specifically the one I have attended, have no method of telling if a professor is racist before hiring them and I don't think they'd care either, some of these professors have only had social interactions with whites. So it's quite possible that a professor could be racist and have gotten hired. Just because they are hired by an institution, does not mean that these professors aren't Color blind racists, overt racists, whatever, racism is racism. JUST BECAUSE I AM IN THE MINORITY DOES NOT MEAN MY VOICE SHOULD NOT BE HEARD OR DOESNT MATTER. Whenever a predominantly white institution accept anyone that is nonwhite or "minority" they should attach this at the end of their acceptance letter: Come at your own risk. THIS IS A PREDOMINANTLY WHITE INSTITUTION. You will experience stereotyping, racial profiling, racism, racial prejudice, racial discrimination, racial and cultural insensitivity etc. We will do nothing when you experience these things. We will not emphatize. We just thought we'd be honest with you before you make your decision. Thank you for considering (name of institution here) as one of your choices in furthering your education.

Posted at 11:31 pm by diarydestiny
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